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You Asked, We Answered

How much space is needed for a flashy Booth 

The booth can be set up in 3 diffrent ways all in lights

  1. Comes in three poses,  all in lights. 

    1. Diamond-immersion 10 feet x 10 feet

    2. Icon-Flat on the wall up to 8-15 feet x 9 feet

    3. Rocker-Corner set up forming a 90 degree angle 9 feet x 9 feet

can I break up my 3 hr rental with an hr break inbetween them 

You may break up your rental with a $100/hr fee, perfect ideal for weddings. Have the booth open for the cocktail hour and then reopen after all the speeches and toast.  

can I have the photobooth and the 360 booth running at the same time?

We can do anything you want when designing your event 

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